Licensed Professional Counselor

Education and Specialty

Dr. Rossi Davis was born and grew up in Eastern Europe. She is a Licensed Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice from Southern Vermont College, Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Davis obtained her Doctorate in Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies.

Therapeutic Services

Dr. Davis areas of interest include: couples and family counseling, parenting issues, the mind and body connection, depression, anxiety, bereavement/grief, self-esteem, and spirituality issues.

Fun Facts

Dr. Davis is the author of: Couple's Communication Made Easy, My Kid is Acting Out and I am about to shout: Effective Parenting Made Easy, Guru in Jeans: Inward Journey to Psychospiritual Awakening, Curly & Grandpa, How to be a Good Supervisor & other titles. Dr. Davis was a parenting expert guest on Kim Iverson's radio show in March of 2011.

Contact Information

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis, please contact Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals Snellville office at (770) 978-9393.